Essex County Badminton Association (ECBA) Data Protection Notice

We encourage you to read this notice in full. However to summarise;

  1. We will always use your data within the law
  2. We will never sell your data
  3. We will not send marketing communications without permission

Data Aquisition

All personal data held by ECBA will only be used to allow ECBA to perform on its membership affiliations obligations to you and, in some limited cases, potentially to further ECBA's legitimate interests and/or to send badminton-related marketing communications where ECBA has permission.

Under no circumstances will ECBA sell members' personal data. ECBA won't share your information with third parties unless required to fulfil our obligations to you.

ECBA will also provide personal data to the authorities if/as required by law.

All ECBA Committee members and volunteers are bound by this policy.

Membership Data

ECBA holds and/or processes the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Birth date - used to select age group teams
  • Gender - also used in team selection
  • Home Address
  • BE Membership Number
  • BE Membership Type (e.g. Play/Compete, Junior/Senior, Direct/Club, HVO)
  • BE (and County) Affiliation expiry date
  • Primary and Secondary Club Membership and Role (where applicable e.g member or 'Membership Secretary')

The Membership Information is required to service your membership (affiliation) and is available to ECBA’s officers and, where required, team captains, managers and coaches acting on behalf of the ECBA.

Coach Data

If you are registered as a badminton coach, ECBA will also hold and/or process the following additional information;

  • Qualification name and level (eg Level 1), data achieved, end date
  • End Dates of Safeguarding and First Aid qualifications, and DBS check expiry date

Tournament Records

ECBA holds and/or processes the following information on players who participate in tournaments (“Tournament Participants”) operated by or on behalf of ECBA:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Birth date - used to check eligibility for age limited events
  • Gender - used to check eligibility
  • Home Address
  • BE Membership Number
  • County Representing
  • Medical Conditions - if provided on entry
  • Tournament Results

County League Records

ECBA holds and processes the following information on players who participate in the Essex County League:

  • Name of player and their Registered Team (e.g. “ABC Club Mixed 1”) and date of registration (this is needed to check player eligibility per league rules)
  • Match results (these are posted publicly along with the names of the players who competed in the match)

Financial Information

ECBA holds and processes the following financial information when ECBA receives payments (including via Badminton England):

  • Bank account details for those individuals to whom ECBA makes bank transfer payments (e.g. coaches) are held in the ECBA on-line bank account.
  • Additional payment information depending on the method of payment (e.g. cheque details, or transaction details from Stripe/GoCardless as made available by the vendor).

ECBA Information

ECBA keeps records of its own proceedings, for example minutes of committee meetings and AGMs which may include personal data including names of attending committee members. ECBA archives this data for historical research purposes. ECBA may selectively retain a small amount of other personal information for historical archive purposes; for example names of tournament winners (including as engraved on trophies).

Newsletters / Marketing Communications

ECBA does not currently undertake such communications. In the future, ECBA envisaged it may seek consent on an opt-in basis for badminton-related communications.

Special Categories of Data

ECBA does not normally hold 'special categories' of personal data such as information related to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs. In cases where this does occur, ECBA will take extra care to ensure privacy rights are protected and will not disclose your data without consent. ECBA does not hold data related to criminal convictions or offences.

ECBA may hold limited health-related data that members share with us in order to assess fitness to play or injury risk and for health and safety assessments. This data can include information about injuries, underlying health conditions, or other information (e.g. asthma and allergies). ECBA recognizes the need to take extra care with this sensitive data.

Data Retention

ECBA retains Membership Information, Coach Information, Tournament Information, County League Information, and Financial Information whilst membership is current. Information about club officials may be kept for the following membership period to allow a grace period for renewals. In exceptional circumstances (for example to resolve a complaint or investigation), ECBA may hold limited subsets of personal data for longer periods. Published data on league and tournament results is not subject to deletion.

ECBA receives Membership Information and Coach Information in respect of Essex members and coaches from Badminton England’s GoMembership system and its associated reports provided to the ECBA. ECBA enters and receives tournament information from Badminton England’s Tournament System (

Your Rights

In accordance with Data Protection law you are entitled to ask to see your personal data and to have it corrected if it is wrong. Please contact with any such requests. Please note in respect of Membership Information, Coach Information and Tournament Information, the data is maintained by Badminton England's systems.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office about the way your data is handled.