Badminton Essex

Senior Teams

Teams for First Round

The teams for the first round of matches on 10th November are;

First Team

At Redbridge vs Dorest & Warwickshire

Caroline Westley (c), Lynne Swan, Rosemary Allen, Tracy Hutchinson, Alicia Chu

Brandon Yap, Basil Tallah, Jonathan Tang, Arran Weston, Thomas Li

Second Team

At Hatfield University vs Essex 3 & Surrey 3

Vidhi Garg, Holly Smith, Kirsty Binstead, Nicola Waller

James Smith, Danny Plant, Mark Law, Akhil Pillai, Simon Gilhooly (c)

Third Team

At Hatfield University vs Essex 2 & Norfolk 2

Anna Richardson, Chloe Yong, Kiera Dennis-Nelson, Yoongeun Kwon

Surej Salim, Mannah Rahman, Pete Wiley, Lee Price, Chris Wood


Kelvin Koon, Rhys Myers, Ian Smith, Balpreet Chager, San Loi, Emma Skingsley

Senior Team Practice Dates

We have booked courts at Redbridge for Senior County practice as follows;

  • Sunday 28th October 3-6pm
  • Sunday 20th January 10-1pm
  • Sunday 17th March 2-5pm

All squad players are invited to attend.

Selection Committee

Caroline Westley, Ian Smith (Match Secretary) and Simon Gilhooly make up the senior selection committee.

Selection Criteria

The following are included in our selection criteria;

  • All players must be a member of ECBA - please affiliate through an Essex club. Players will also need the Compete Upgrade from BADMINTON England.
  • We expect all players to enter the Senior Restricted - if you want to be considered for selection but are unable to play please contact Simon Gilhooly or Caroline Westley
  • Performances in Senior County matches during previous seasons
  • Recent tournament results
  • Commitment - we will favour players that are committed to play regularly
  • We would like to see players participate in the Essex League - especially if you are hoping to break into the teams; these are the results we will be looking at

Teams 2018/19

FirstOne South
SecondThree South
ThirdThree South

Results from previous seasons;

County Colours

County Colours are awarded to a player when they play in all the matches for a team in a season.