Badminton Essex

Senior Teams

Senior Team Practice 6th Jan

Team training on 6th January will be held at Coopers' Company and Caborn School, St Mary's Lane, Upminster, RM14 3HS;

All squad players are invited to attend.

Senior County Venues 2017/18

The following venues have been selected for senior county matches;

  • First Team (Div 1 South) @ Redbridge
  • Second Team (Div 2 South East) @ Harlow Leisure Zone
  • Third Team (Div 3 South) @ University of Hertfordshire / Cranleigh School, Guildford

Senior County Weekends 2017/18

The important dates for the 2017/18 season are as follows;

  • 11th November 2017
  • 27th January 2017
  • 24th & 25th March 2017
  • 5th May 2017 - Play Offs

Selection Committee

Caroline Westley, Ian Smith (Match Secretary) and Simon Gilhooly make up the senior selection committee.

Selection Criteria

The following are included in our selection criteria;

  • All players must be a member of ECBA - please affiliate Directly or through an Essex club
  • We expect all players to enter the Senior Restricted - if you want to be considered for selection but are unable to play please contact Simon Gilhooly or Caroline Westley
  • Performances in Senior County matches during previous seasons
  • Recent tournament results
  • We would like to see as many players participate in the Essex League as possible - especially if you are hoping to break into the teams these are the results we will be looking at


FirstOne South
SecondTwo South East
ThirdThree South

Results from the 2016/17 season can be found on Tournament Software.

County Colours

County Colours are awarded to a player when they play in all the matches for a team in a season.