Badminton Essex

Individual Membership

Individuals can either join as part of their club affiliation to BADMINTON England or by using BADMINTON England's Direct option.

Membership through Club

MembershipEssex FeeBADMINTON England Fee

Direct Membership

Anyone can take a Direct membership with BADMINTON England but the County will no longer receive anything from BADMINTON England. We would hope that all Essex players would prefer to support the county.

Compete Upgrade

Players wishing to compete in BADMINTON England sanctioned tournaments (junior or senior Bronze, Silver & Gold event) will need a COMPETE update which costs an additional £10. This can either be collected by the club or paid later. This replaces the levy of £2.50 that was previously applied to each tournament entry.

Only players with a COMPETE will be able to participate in Ranking and Grading.

Players in the Senior or Masters County Championships will also need to purchase the Compete Upgrade starting from the 2018/19 season.

Benefits of Membership

Individual membership of Badminton Essex gives the following benefits;

  • Participate in Essex League
  • Participate in County Teams
  • Support development of junior players
  • Support Forza junior tournament circuit
  • From Sept 2017 personal accident insurance will be included

Our member subscriptions are worth approximately £4,500 each year. This income allows us to run a number of tournaments that generally bring in a profit although this can be variable.

The majority of our income is invested into junior development, whether this be sending a team to the annual Inter County Tournament or running age group training sessions.

The support of our members is essential to us being able to offer competitive badminton within Essex and we very much appreciate the backing of those clubs and individuals that choose to affiliate.